Lexus Hardeman, a 19 year-old Clark Atlanta University sophomore participated in a fellowship program in Ferrol, Spain.  She was selected to intern with the Atlanta’s Fellowship Project within the medical field over the summer.

Hardeman first discovered this opportunity via social media. In the Atlanta’s Fellowship Project, students get the opportunity to intern in any part of the country due to their major. Because this particular internship was in another country, Hardeman “made sure the location was safe and it benefited my education.”

Throughout the internship Hardeman was able to get experience in all aspects of the medical field starting with internal medicine, dermatology, anesthesiology to cardiology each week at the Hospital Arquitecto Marcide.

“I was able to see doctors scrubbing into surgery, listening to heart beats, watching children get incubated with ventilation and smelled burning flesh,” Hardeman shared.

Besides as interns not being able to physically touch any patients or take pictures, Hardeman took advantage of connecting with the doctors she shadowed. From this opportunity, Hardeman was offered a paid internship through the fellowship to be an Atlanta’s Ambassador Alumni; where she will be able to recruit other pre-med fellows who attend Clark Atlanta University or other universities. “This fellowship will definitely point you in the right direction to determine if the medical field is for you.”

This fellowship is open to students who are majoring in biology, chemistry or psychology. Hardeman believes that this opportunity could influence students to experience all aspects of the different career paths within the pre-medical field.

Students with a GPA of 3.2 or higher could apply for this fellowship by contacting Lexus Hardeman through social media @pepsiilexxii on Instagram to receive a personal link.

Lexus Hardeman hopes to continue her career in the medical field and encourages other STEM majors to learn about the multiple opportunities and internships in their field. “I want to be able to be a change in the future of healthcare.”

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