by Almiya White & Trishunda A. Mooney

Comedian Kevin Hart and Producer Will Packer visited the Atlanta University Center, which included Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University on Sept. 11 for a special “REAL Talk.”

The event, “REAL Talk,” was held in the 300-seat Bank of America auditorium located on Morehouse College campus and co-sponsored by Morehouse’s Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies Program. Students of the Atlanta University Center began to line up nearly two hours prior to the event time.

As Hart and Packer took the stage, it was standing room only as they spoke about the importance of higher education. Similar to a “Ted Talk” vibe, Hart and Packer shared some of their personal experiences in the classroom and the workplace that helped to make them successful. Hart and Packer shared knowledge with attendees such as, “A plan with a degree is a powerful thing,” and “Be inspired by what hasn’t happened yet.”

At the end of the talk, Hart and Packer received a standing ovation from students. Packer is an alumnus of Florida A&M, and Kevin attended Temple University and the Community College of Philadelphia.

Hart is a huge supporter of scholarships to fund higher education. He recently joined forces with UNCF (United Negro College Fund) and KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) to help 18 KIPP students earn a college degree.

Four Morehouse, one Spelman and one Clark Atlanta students were named among 18 recipients of a new $600,000 UNCF scholarship funded by Hart in Aug.

The “Help From The Hart Charity Scholarship,” is designed for graduates of KIPP Public Schools, supporting high achievers who demonstrate leaderships skills and need financial support to further their education. “For me it’s about really understanding what I can do now with my platform. Is education key? Yes it is,” Hart said.

Hart and Packer adds, “Night School” to their list now totaling seven films they have completed together.  Theatre five at Regal Atlantic Station Stadium 16 was filled to capacity to get the first look at the latest comedy starring Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and Rob Riggle directed by Malcolm D. Lee on Aug 10.

“Night School” takes the comedic approach in telling the stories that are more common than often.  A small class of students from all walks of life meet every night under the instruction of a hard hitting but compassionate teacher, working towards one goal of passing an exam in order to earn their GED.

As the first film produced under the umbrella of Hartbeat Productions, Hart also received writing credits on this project.  “Night School” shines light on different subjects such as students having learning disorders as the main character pushes through with several including dyscalculia.  Due to a brain disorder, dyscalculia causes severe difficulty in making arithmetical calculations.

“Because he had those learning disabilities, what he had to understand was, that didn’t mean he was an outcast,” Hart shared. “What he had to do is embrace those things and figure out the best way to maneuver around it.”

Hart encouraged students with learning disabilities to find someone they are comfortable with opening up because there are people that are trained professionals who can highlight the positives above the negatives as he made reference to Haddish’s character, Carrie.

Morehouse volunteer, Donna Walker attended the “Real Talk” to learn of the movie’s disposition and how it will impact real lives especially of those who are afraid of going back to school.

“Out of 10 kids, seven of my siblings never graduated, parents never graduated, grandparents or uncles never graduated,” Walker said, “So it’s very important that this movie makes sense and sensibility to today’s time, not just millennials, but beyond.”

Visit to view the trailer, read the synopsis and purchase your tickets for the Aug. 27 opening before the Aug. 28 release date. Get ready to laugh and even learn a little something in “Night School.”

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