On Oct. 25, students from Spelman and Morehouse participated in a  spoken word competition at Morehouse College for an opportunity to win an offer of $20,000 in scholarships on behalf of Allstate.

Grammy grant champion J. Ivy has united with Allstate for their Pillars and Poetry program, which urges HBCU students to distinguish a mainstay of quality in their lives and transform it into talked word.

CAU Panther newspaper writer, Terri A. Blige had the opportunity to chat one on one with J. Ivy the program in depth. “If you have a passion, if your heart is on it, you can find it in your heart to write,” Ivy said.

Ivy is a Chicago, Illinois native who attended Illinois State University with his initial major being marketing. He started poetry while a junior in high school, when he was a Junior where his English teacher taught a poetry class. Although, he wasn’t into poetry until his teacher made him perform his poem at a poetry slam he has fallen in love with the art form.

At first Ivy did the poetry for the love and being able to express his thoughts; with always having positive vibes. He gets his motivation by wanting to inspire people, the healing it’s a way to connect with people to tell a story about his city and people. Having the mindset that his poetry can change a life or save a life. Him expressing that “It’s a gift.”

With all the controversy going on in the world his poems  have never changed. His writings has always been about our people and uplifting people. His goal is to uplift people. He came from a background of people who were uplifting and sharing his love.

For J.Ivy writing poetry comes natural for him, his thoughts come poetically. He expressed that anyone could write poetry. “If you have a passion, if your heart is on it you can find it in your heart to write.”

Ahead of the week’s SpelHouse homecoming festivity, numerous students intended and played out their unique talked word at the occasion facilitated by J. Ivy, and five finalists were granted scholarships in the interest of Allstate.

The Pillars and Poetry visit was at Tuskegee University throughout the end of the week and will finish up at Florida A&M University amid their senior day.

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