DeVon Franklin uses a four letter word [love] to open dialogue during his stop on “The Truth Tour” at CAU

photo by: Nailah Heard
Award-winning film/TV producer and spiritual success coach, DeVon Franklin and wife Meagan Good speaks to a filled room in the Exhibition Hall of the AUC’s Robert W. Woodruff Library.

Hosted by the Clark Atlanta University’s Mass Media Arts department, the Merge Symposium and AT&T presented DeVon Franklin’s “The Truth Tour” as it made a stop at the Atlanta University Center’s Woodruff Library in the Exhibition Hall on Feb. 18 in promotion of his new book, “The Truth About Men.”

Doors opened at 5 p.m. to hear New York Times best-selling author and international speaker explain to a room filled to capacity with AUC’s students, faculty and staff that just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean you can’t become it.  Addressing the young men and women being left without a healthy visual representation of dating or marriage relationships.

“I think so often that just because we haven’t seen something modeled, there’s a danger that it could become an excuse and we have to resist that,” Franklin said.

Having the desire to be the best you can be is something one must seek out, he shared. He learned about manhood from both the men and women in his life as he was consistently surrounded in his childhood by his mother, grandmother and great aunts.

“Sometimes you could be exposed to things that you don’t like which can be a catalyst to becoming what you do like,” he said. “So, I would say to any man or woman struggling with that, is to piece it together. I had to piece together a model of fatherhood.”

Firmly standing on the message of love embedded in each page of the book, Franklin offered an unexpected apology to women on behalf of all men for any mistreatment by way of manipulation, sexual and or emotional abuse minutes before he encouraged the men in the audience to boldly stand once they came in agreement with the prompts listed in, “The Master’s Pledge.”

Recognizing that everyone comes from a past filled with challenges and trauma that must be worked through, Franklin read aloud to an attentive audience, “The Acceptance Prayer for Women.”

CAU Alumna Krystal Lee of the William Moore, Jr. Show moderated a discussion with Franklin and his wife and actress, Meagan Good which sparked the long line to be formed in the center of the exhibition hall to ask them both for guidance on personal development, dating tips and marital advice.

“DeVon Franklin’s guest lecture with Meagan Good provided our students with a ‘beyond-the-classroom’ learning experience,” event organizer and CAU Professor Yolanda Thompson said. “This was an occasion where more than 400 students came together to talk about ideas and themes in a new book, not a concert, a movie or an athletic event but about DeVon Franklin’s book.”

With over 200 copies sold at the event, attendees waited around beyond 9 p.m. to have their book signed by Franklin and later get photos with the inspiring couple.

Thompson believes having “The Truth Tour” make a stop on the CAU campus aided in the Mass Media Arts mission to help students explore how media strategies, news reporting and entertaining storytelling could impact audiences.

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