According to the President of Morris Brown College, he found it necessary to step in and provide strong leadership for this historically black college during his 12-year stay.

Dr. Stanley Pritchett informed the Board of Trustees of his intentions to resign effective, December 31, 2018. Explaining he, “felt it was time to allow for a transition to new leadership,” and move the school into the next step of regaining their accreditation.

Dr. Stanley Pritchett’s 35 years of experience as a Public Education administrator aided him in the position as president of Morris Brown.  

During Dr. Pritchett’s tenure, there were many pressing issues that needed resolutions. With help from the Board of Trustees, alumni, students, and staff, collectively they worked together, “in resolving lawsuits, resolving $32 million dollars of indebtedness and making efforts to become an applicant institution for accreditation,” Dr. Pritchett shared. Morris Brown hasn’t selected their interim president, but the selection will be announced when made.

Over the years of trying to gain the college’s accreditation back, Morris Brown produced graduates some of which went on to attend graduate school. The college has accepted 25 freshmen and expects to have another 15 returning students for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. Although Morris Brown is on track seeking accreditation, their membership as part of the AUC Consortium has not been renewed.

There were many proud moments he had as president, but one of his highlighted moments was, “the opportunity to have known all students personally and observing their amazing growth through the Morris Brown experience,” Dr. Pritchett said.

The Morris Brown experience never failed short when it came to their students. Through the problems within the school, the students remained focused

and received direction from “dedicated faculty who guide and support them in their endeavors.”

Since announcing his resignation, Dr. Pritchett has noticed the legacy he has left in, “current and former students who say my form of leadership nurtured them and filled a void in their lives allowing them to pursue greater accomplishments,” he said.

Dr. Pritchett believes that is a core value of an educator and was very pleased on the judgement amongst the students.

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