Award-Winning CAU Panther Newspaper

(Left to Right) Josh McJunkins (Photography Editor), Nailah Heard, Terri A. Blige, Trishunda A. Mooney (Editor-in-Chief), Markayla Brooks (2018-2019 Miss Panther) and Ashton Edmunds (Sports Editor)

The 2018-2019 CAU Panther Newspaper team brings home the 2019 2nd place Best Overall Newspaper award from the 68th Annual Southern Regional Press Institute (SRPI) at Savannah State University.

2019 also marks the year of faculty advisor for the CAU Panther newspaper, Professor James McJunkins’ induction into the 68th Annual SRPI Hall of Fame.

From Feb. 28 to Mar. 1, the conference united students with an interest in journalism and mass media from colleges, universities and local high schools varying in size to the theme of “Diversity in the Media: Grading the Media’s Effort to be Inclusive of All Voices.”

Students had the opportunity to participate in Skill Building and Professional Development workshops such as: Digital Media Academy I, Gender and Ethnic Diversity in News writing, and the Arena of Public Relations to name a few.

SRPI has been impacting minds and developing renowned African-American journalists since 1951. According to the Southern Regional Press Institute’s website, “It is the third oldest scholastic journalism institute founded at a historically black college and university (HBCU) after the establishment of press associations at Florida A&M University (1950) and Lincoln University, Missouri (1949).”

Keynote speakers included Emmy nominated producer Natalie Bullock Brown and Tatia Adams Fox, vice president for global partnerships for Nickelodeon. Collectively they shared personal insight on diversifying media while charging students to become the next diverse voice in the media today.

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