Clark Atlanta University Student Creates Biodegradable Ballgown

While the 30 year old HBCU is filled with many talents, Clark Atlanta University’s Department of Art and Fashion transcends the norm in fashion effortlessly.

Enola Fisher, a sophomore Fashion Design major entered into the universities’ research symposium on a whim, not expecting much to come from it until she recollected a design from high school that could have been beneficial to her research.

“I used 2600 coffee filters and it took a really long time to do,” the Maryland native said.

She checked with her professor on the likelihood of creating a gown made of white coffee filters that could be decomposable and sustainable.

Fisher stated how much her professor loved it and explained how she presented the idea, “I showed her a picture of a dress I had previously done in high school and it was made of coffee filters,” Fisher said.

Reiterating the time it took her to create the dress even though it was her second time bringing the idea to fruition, Fisher believed the final product and production time was special.

She explained her process of creating the gown and the multiple obstacles she faced while working on her symposium piece. “I did the dress completely different. I did a ballgown dress. ” Fisher said.

Fisher emphasized that balancing class work and designing was not the easiest thing she had done throughout her college career.

Another obstacle she overcame was running to the store to purchase more dye for the dress when she ran out. She mentioned the store also ran out so she went with plan B in buying a darker spray paint to color the dress.

Due to time constraint, Fisher had to make the dress in two pieces instead of her original idea of being one dress.

“This was also a project and I also entered into the symposium, but me as a fashion major —- I am always doing projects,” she exclaimed.

Despite her efforts, the sophomore did not win the research symposium, but she looks forward to entering into it next spring.

“I try to remind myself that I am enough. I am my biggest critic,” Fisher stated. She aspires to complete her first couture formal wear line by her senior year.

Fisher encourages young women who desire to go into the fashion industry to step out of their comfort zone regardless of how they feel.

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