Clark Atlanta University (CAU) is pleased to announce that the School of Arts and Sciences Department of Public Administration has been recognized for outstanding work at a Call for Papers Presentation held at the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) Conference this week in Orlando Florida.

CAU is one of several prestigious hosts of the annual NFBPA Executive Leadership Institute held every December on main campus. It is during this event that the graduate students meet attendees and learn about upcoming conferences and possible scholarships.

CAU Public Administration graduate students Alexis Monteiro and Brandon Harris both won the Cigna $5000 scholarships. Avern Gumbs placed first in poster presentation and won $2500.

This is not the first time CAU has won at this conference. Last year, Desmond Kemp also won a $5000 scholarship.

Dr. Henry Elonge, Chair of Public Administration stated he was extremely proud of the extensive research these students compiled and their confident and composed presentations. Avern Gumbs most enjoyed the competition and meeting professionals in her field. She was intrigued by the tour of SeaWorld Discovery Cove.

The NFBPA Scholarship program is designed to recognize African-American or minority students who are currently enrolled full-time at a college or university with at least one academic semester remaining after May 2019, who exemplify outstanding scholarship, and leadership, particularly as related to public service.

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in this year’s program as the program looks forward to making scholarship awards. NFBPA supports over 12 college students each year, with annual scholarships totaling more than $45 thousand dollars through partnerships with corporate supporters, public sector organizations and individual contributors. Available Scholarships:

•Sak Elgie “Jack” Boatman Scholarship

• Cigna Health Care (Undergraduate and Graduate)

• Cps Walter Vaughn Excellence in Human Resource Scholarship

• Full Circle Communications Inc./Maynard H. Jackson Scholarship

• Infrastructure Engineering Inc. Scholarship

• J-Dos International Scholarship

• Springstead | Uly Ford Scholarship

• Jacobs Engineering Scholarship

Brandon Harris recommends all CAU students take advantage of these scholarship opportunities, “It is additional work and usually is due when major coursework projects are due; but if you push yourself to succeed-you will!”Interested students should visit www.nfbpa.org for more information or contact Dr. Henry Elonge at helonge1@cau.edu.

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