“Amazing Grace” How Sweet the Sound

Taking a journey to 1972, the audience filled the Virginia Lacy Jones Exhibition Hall in the Robert W. Woodruff library on April 17 to see Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace,” before its theatrical release Easter weekend 2019.

Songs were carefully selected and arranged to honor the living legacy of the recent Pulitzer Prize winner by producer Tirrell Whittley, Liquid Soul Media and Neon Films in a well-composed 89 minute tribute.

Whittley explained to audience via Skype, “as a culture we deliver great artistry but I want college students to know [especially in the area the AUC is located] that Aretha Franklin was a force to be reckoned with.”

As she sat to slowly stroke each key of the piano while singing, “Mary Don’t You Weep,” Franklin closed her eyes to lyrically relay the emotional journey of Mary and Martha after the death of their brother Lazarus as if she was physically amidst the miraculous occurrence.

This film not only transports you by way of the authentic fashion, hairstyles and grainy footage but also through the Queen of Soul’s melodic vocals aiding the listeners’ safe passage to relish in the classic moments of each song.

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