New Student Leaders On The Block

By Kentrelle Moore

It’s spring, all student leadership positions are up for grabs and sophomores are switching things up by running for positions that had not been done in years or ever before.

Levon Campbell Jr., sophomore Political Science major English minor from Los Angeles, California, won SGA Undergraduate President and Frank Ortega holds the position of SGA Graduate President for 2019-2020.

The Undergraduate Student Government Association’s Vice President is Kennedi Saunders, sophomore Political Science major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Amiya Crockrom is Secretary, sophomore Mass Media Arts major with a concentration in Radio, TV, and Film minor in Political Science from Chicago, Illinois, and DaQuera Green which is an Accounting major English minor from Detroit, Michigan, won SGA Treasurer.

The determination of the sophomore student leaders shook up the campus for 2019 elections at CAU with the best interest of the students at hand. “I believe the student body should know what occurs in SGA town hall meetings rather they attend or not so a follow up email should be expected after Town Hall Meetings,” Crockrom said.

“My aspirations for running for Student Government Association Undergraduate President, came from my multiple involvements on and off campus with my student peers,” Campbell Jr. said. Campbell continued to share these words to the 2019-2020 undergraduate class: “Prepare to come into the world around us with the mindset to break barriers. You are never to young to change your environment, so never become content in the space you find yourself in.

New changes in campaigning occurred with only allowing three students to run for Mister and Miss CAU ultimately crowning sophomore Psychology major Aretha Bernard as the 31st Miss CAU and sophomore Business Administration major TeJordan Carter as CAU’s first ever Mister CAU.

All students interested in these positions had to compete in qualifying rounds prior to the start of campaigns in order to narrow down the number of participants.

“After deciding that I was going to run, I knew whatever my campaign was, it had to resonate with who I am on a regular basis. There has never been a junior to run for Miss Clark Atlanta University. I will change the game,” Bernard stated.

Creativity reigns supreme through flyers, videos, and other campaign material.  From ice cream socials to free Chic-fil-a, students have gone above and beyond to win student leader positions.

Bernard shared how she is committed to walk by grace, unity, and confidence and work closely in the organizations she was previously involved in to improve campus life.

Miss CAU further explained how, “Leadership and change doesn’t need a title or sash to get thing implemented. I hope God continues to use me and place me where God sees fit.”

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