Unchartered to chartered territory

Junior Theatre Arts major Marquise Shelby goes the distance in bringing something new to the Atlanta University Center, Evolution Dance Theatre.

creator of “Evolution Dance Theater” CCO at CAU, Marquise Shelby

Coming to CAU, Shelby took note of the institution not having a dance organization and he immediately visited the office of Student Affairs. After emailing all the presidents of different dance organizations for advice, the dance theater received approval to start Spring 2017 however, they were not chartered until August 24, 2018.

Within the first three semesters, Shelby managed the organization on his own. From hosting auditions, attending meetings, filing requirements, choreography and more. That wasn’t his plan however, everyone pulled out last minute but he had to keep going because so many people came to auditions. He also saw that a lot of the people that he thought wanted to help his organization was only in it for the popularity.

The purpose of Evolution Dance Theatre is to cultivate dancers into tenacious artists and leaders while engaging and transforming audiences. It is a campus chartered organization in support of the dancers on campus that wants to explore different types of dance from hip hop, ballet to Horton.

Evolution Dance Theatre has 22 members and a new E-Board, “They have been so helpful and I’m proud to see what they do without me for the first time,” Shelby shared.

They create their own show every fall and each spring concert will be remastering published plays/musicals.  He believes their next one will be the best to come to the AUC in a long time. Deciding their next production will be The Wiz, Shelby has entrusted leadership to the members to create an impactful performance.

Evolution Dance Theatre hosts free dance classes every Tuesday in the Davage Auditorium starting at 7:30 p.m. Follow @evolutiondancetheatre on Instagram to learn about auditions at the beginning of each semester and all of their choreographed shows.

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