CAU Airlines Springfest Edition

by Tanasia Walker and Trishunda A. Mooney

After a long two semesters of studies, Clark Atlanta University students have the opportunity to wind down and enjoy the 2019  Springfest events. On April 22, to kick off the festivities, CAU students gathered together on the promenade for a block party.

“Intruder” releases in theaters May 1st.

The next day, a panel discussion surrounding the new movie “Intruder” written by David Loughery was held in the Bishop C. Henderson student center Baranco Multipurpose room. The director Deon Taylor accompanied the starring cast members Michael Ealy and Meagan Good who were greeted with a room full of students eager to hear what they had to share.

Sounds were provided by Hot 107.9’s DJ Kash of the Durtty Boyz Show for students of the Atlanta University Center to enjoy a Q&A session that included an all around “lit” campus party. 

Stuey Rock also known as J Nicks of Hot 107.9 FM moderated the panel discussion with questions the students listened attentively to hear the answers.

When asked about the inspirations behind his passion and advice for students aspiring to enter the entertainment industry, Taylor responded, “I’ll tell anybody out here, if you’re really interested in film, producing anything entertainment wise, don’t rely on anybody to help you. Don’t wait for somebody to put you on. You got to put yourself on.”

Good and Ealy both chimed in with Taylor in sharing their journey through a list of “No’s” in getting to that one “Yes” in jump starting their careers along with their interest in bringing this new thriller to life.

“I know you all will be mad at me when you see the film,” Good shared about playing the role of Annie Russell. “Because the incredible thing about Deon is the way that he directs is that he looks at it from an audience perspective and what they want to see.”

Ealy shared,“This is the first movie I’ve ever done where I couldn’t fight. I didn’t have any ‘hands’ in this one. But it served the movie in a way that I thought was effective and I think Deon’s vision for this film, it all works where the audience’s experience will be comprehensive and complete.”

Video courtesy of WSTU Radio via Instagram

The Springfest concert took place on April 24 in CAU’s Epp’s gymnasium where last year, well-known R&B artist Jacquees headlined the event. This year, popular hip-hop artist, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, along with rap artists Issa, Skooly, Luke Nasty and Jacquees came out and put on a show, leaving many of the students satisfied.

“I love A Boogie. I’m actually happy they brought him to CAU this year because I’ve never got the chance to see him perform live,” Sckye Polk, junior at CAU said. 

         Before 7:00 pm, more than 200 students lined up outside of the gymnasium eager to hear the artists perform. By the time the show began, more than 300 students filled the gymnasium witness D.C. Rapper, Issa, be the first to graced the stage. Many students claimed they never heard his music, but they felt he put on a good performance and kept the crowd engaged.

Kierra Richardson, a junior at CAU said, “I don’t know who Issa is, but I’m going to download his album when I get home.”

         Following Issa, Jacquees performed songs “You”from his album Lost at Sea 2, as well as “Your Peace”which features rap artist, Lil Baby. Shortly after, Atlanta native and popular rap artist, Skooly, took to the stage and performed songs from his album Don’t You Ever Forget Me 3.

         Although many students enjoyed the performances from each of the opening artists, they were eager to see the headlining artist, A Boogie wit da Hoodie. The New York artist is undoubtedly a product of the times and easily fits into the current pool of rappers who usually sing more often than they rap. This skill has carried him far, making his last album Hoodie SZN number one in the country for three consecutive weeks with four songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

After an hour of patiently waiting, Boogie came out and performed not only music from his newly released album Hoodie SZN, but also his older albums The Artist, The Bigger Artist and International Artist.

Boogie also shared a special part of his life with his fans and brought out his two-year-old daughter. While holding his daughter, he performed one of his hit songs “Come Closer.”

Coming down off the flight to New York, students gathered outside of the gymnasium to talk about their experience. Amani Southerland, a junior at CAU said, “On behalf of the students at CAU, I want to thank A Boogie for coming out and putting on such a show. It was a true New York experience.”

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